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Constant crying, nothing seems to help calm your little one down, he or she is always fussy...being a parent of a baby with colic is overwhelming and exhausting. I can only imagine the struggle to get anything done, for both parents and baby. There is HOPE! Chiropractic can be extremely effective in these situations. Often Colic is caused by a trauma to the cervical spine during the birthing process. This causes unnecessary stress to the nerves that tell the stomach how to function properly, leading to dysfunction. A chiropractor can correct this injury with a light and specific adjustment that brings relief to both parents and baby.

What is Colic?

Colic is so much more than just indigestion. The Mayo Clinic now defines it as “Frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in a ‘healthy’ infant. Episodes usually peak around 6 weeks old and decline significantly after 3 or 4 months of age.”

Birth Trauma?

Babies cannot tell a parent what hurts, which makes an inconsolable infant that much harder on a parent. They cannot tell you if their stomach hurts, or if perhaps something more is going on. Often times, infants are suffering from head or neck pain, especially if the birthing process was difficult or required interventions.

67% Reduction in Crying!

A study done in October of 1999 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics worked with 50 babies. Half of the children were given the drug Dimethicone (often found in Colic drops) the remaining children were evaluated and adjusted. At the end of the 2-week study, the infants receiving specific chiropractic care saw a 67% reduction in crying, the drug therapy group saw a 38% reduction.

Unfortunately, there has not been large research studies regarding Colic and therapies. The condition tends to resolve on its own in time, however, the studies regarding adjustments of vertebral subluxation show a dramatic improvement among children with Colic.

Not a Cure

Chiropractic is not a treatment for Colic. If there is a subluxation, it interferes with the proper function of whatever organ or tissue being innervated. Removing the subluxation and interference allows the nervous system to function correctly and encourage the body to heal.

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