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Tabitha Bramblett
"I have cervical spinal stenosis. My daughter has scoliosis. We were very skeptical of Chiropractic Care originally and very nervous the first time we met Dr. Juliana. Our fears and doubts were quickly swept away by Dr. Juliana's kindness, excellent bedside manner, amazing talent, and skill. With regular adjustments from her, both my daughter and I are able to achieve a better quality life. She was able to minimize any further curvature of my daughter's spine and has been able to greatly reduce the pain I had in my neck. If you are in pain, go see Dr. Juliana. If you are curious about Chiropractic Care, go see Dr. Juliana. If you want any part of your health and wellness to be improved, go see Dr. Juliana. I assure you that you will not be disappointed."

Leeann Bryson
"Dr. J and Ruth are both simply AMAZING at what they do! They have helped myself and my 2 young kids overcome many stressful days. My son has ADHD and the results we have seen from his treatments with her have been more than worth the low prices she charges. I can never think them both enough for what they have done for myself and my family!"

Teyah Floyd

"Very friendly, caring and positive service!"

Jessica James

"Dr. J is amazing! She takes the time to see what’s wrong before she adjusts. She helped fix what another chiropractor didn’t even take the time to look into. You’re not just another number. She glad I found her!!"

Ashley Raymond Halverson

"It’s a great place for the whole family, she knows I need to be in and out and I trust her completely and always feel better when I leave! The entire line of isotonix for me and the kids has helped immensely to keep us healthy and for my littlest digestive system to stay on track! Location is quick and easy to get to too!!!"

Jane Sumner

"Honestly, I was sceptic at first. But as a sufferer of fibromyalgia and scoliosis, Carolina Family Chiropractic has been a God send. I never dreamed it would give me the incredible relief I have experienced!"

Karl Joseph Schultz

"We have been visiting Dr. J for about a month. My son has some behavioral issues and ADHD. He would never let anyone adjust him. We tried multiple times. Dr. J won my son over and now he loves going. She truly is amazing at what she does. We have seen changes in my son’s behavior and this is just the first month. Look no further if you need an amazing family chiropractor."

Ahmez Nash

"I have been a patient of Dr. J’s for years now, even before she opened this business! I will continue to follow her for her amazing skills, along with her fun personality! I highly recommend this place!!!"

Ruth Surface

"Dr. Juliana adjusted me and my one year old daughter today. She hasn't been napping well lately but as soon as we got home from her appointment I laid her down and she just closed her eyes, never moved and went right to sleep she was sooooo comfortable! My hips have been painfully out of line with my second pregnancy, to the point where I couldn't walk at the end of the day. After two adjustments I feel like a new woman!!"

Kelly McGinnis

"Dr. J is awesome. I could barely walk when I had my first appointment. After my first visit I felt great and 2 weeks later I was back to my old self. She takes the time to listen to you and really pays attention to details. You will not regret seeing her!"

Sarah Milroy

"I’m so thankful I was referred here. The atmosphere is always pleasant, she offers so many different services and I will definitely recommend to everyone!"

Rachel Cranford

"Dr. J is so knowledgeable and skilled. Her adjustments are thorough and she’s always willing to squeeze someone in to get rid of a headache! I highly recommend her services for chiropractic care."

Jennifer McEachern

"Dr. J is awesome...listens well & has appropriate advice for all lifestyles. Thanks for keeping our spines in proper alignment & for all of the great health, wellness & supplements advice."

Christie Alleys

"I am so ecstatic to find Dr. Juliana -She has a great heart and knowledge for what she does and is helping me get everything straightened out! The pain has minimized greatly even after one day and yet she is very affordable too! #scoliosisStruggles"

Jennifer Baldwin Elkins

"Great chiropractor. I love Dr. J and feel very comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with all the time."

Kristine Varner

"She is so great with all her patients no matter the age!"

Daniel Lattimore

"I was in pain for 2 weeks. Dr. J got rid of it I will be happy to continue going and highly recommend it."

Kimberly Mood

"Dr. J and Ruth are very knowledgeable and professional. They're both excellent at what they do, and they create a welcoming atmosphere for adults and children!"

Stephanie Staton

"Dr. J is the best!! I'm so glad I was able to connect with her! She really cares about her patients and is fantastic at what she does!"

Coribeth Cook

"So awesome and personable! She remembers the details. Dr. J does a great job of making sure you leave feeling better and is so flexible with your schedule."

Rhonda Burdin Coney

"Very friendly very knowledgeable works with your schedule would recommend her to anyone."

Margaret Lowery Southwell

"Dr. J is the best! She's very knowledgeable and is always willing to help!"

Cody Surface

"Juliana is awesome. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I always feel 1000% better after my adjustment."

Carol King Bowers

"She listens, advises, adjusts. I always feel better when I leave the office having received a good dose of her kind personality!"

Dylan Scarbrough

"Dr. Julian is awesome!!!! There is no better place in Rock Hill to go!!!"

Brandy Millwood
"Dr. Juliana is wonderful and will help you feel wonderful! I wouldn't see anyone else."

Anna Silva Ekdahl

"Anna Silva Ekdahl Great Location, and like the fact it’s open T & Th evenings and Sat too. Super kid friendly great for whole family. Love walking out of Dr. J’s office feeling refreshed and ready for the week. Nothing better than a great adjustment weekly."

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