Infant Colic

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Infant colic is described as repeated episodes of crying or screaming in otherwise healthy babies. When an infant has colic, it becomes difficult for the whole family, as babies seem to be constantly in distress and it feels as if there is nothing you can do about it. There is no known cause for colic but may be stimulated by a number of factors. Chiropractic care may be an effective step to treat an infant's symptoms.

There are many theories as to why colic exists, from digestive issues to hormones to oversensitivity, but one thing is clear: whatever the cause, chiropractic may be the solution. Infant chiropractic care has been regarded for centuries as a vital aspect of a healthy life.  Touch is among the first of the senses to develop in newborns, and babies respond positively to human touch both physically and emotionally. Therapists trained in infant chiropractic care understand the special needs of small children and provide soothing treatment that is nurturing and enjoyable to babies. This means that your baby will spend less time crying and more time laughing and learning. It also means that you get more quality time playing with and loving him or her versus trying to console or calm the tears. 

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